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Sinopep's talent concept: nurture leadership talents, cultivate team spirit, encourage learning and innovation, advocate respect for others, realize the potential of employees, and achieve symbiosis and common prosperity.

Why choose Sinopep

Emphasis on system construction: The company is committed to the construction and development of internal systems, constantly improving and optimizing the management system and business processes, and creating a harmonious and positive atmosphere through standardized, concise and efficient management to stimulate the vitality and enthusiasm of employees.

Long-term career development: According to the company's human resource planning, attract technical experts and management elites at home and abroad, as a strategic partner to develop together with the company to achieve a win-win situation; select outstanding college graduates with potential, give full trust, and give challenges Sexual work and responsibilities give each employee the opportunity to prove his ability and improve it.

Complete on-the-job training system: The company has a group of experienced management combatants and technical experts. At work, employees will receive friendly, timely and adequate guidance from these expert colleagues to help them meet the job requirements as soon as possible; through vivid and targeted classroom teaching, group discussions, expert lectures and other forms enable employees to master the required professional knowledge and improve work performance.

Work-life balance: We always believe that maintaining work-life balance is just as important as employee performance at work. Therefore, the company regularly organizes employee health check-ups, group travel, employee dinners, and paid annual leave, etc .; strictly in accordance with the leave system prescribed by the state, giving employees sufficient rest time; maintaining employees' physical and mental health, so that employees can truly work happy life! We believe that happy employees have higher creativity and work efficiency!

Who are we looking for

Our success is due to everyone in the team. We are looking for the best professionals in China and the world.

People with the following characteristics are exactly what we are looking for:

● Identify the company's core values ​​and corporate culture

● Have good professionalism and solid theoretical knowledge

● Sustained learning ability and innovative spirit

● Good at self-motivation and strong entrepreneurial dedication

We look forward to your joining to achieve more and greater success together. We believe that it will open a pleasant career journey for you.

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