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Sinopep-Allsino Biopharmaceutical Co Ltd.is a premier pharmaceutical company mainly focused the research and development (R&D), production, sales and technical services of peptide and small molecule drugs. Sinopep is a National High-tech and provincial science and technology enterprise, established in April 2009, located in the Lianyungang National Economic and Technological Development Zone. On May 20th, Sinopep-Allsino was listed on the STAR Market of Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Name/Code: Sinopep/ 688076). Currently we have more than 900 employees..

Through technological innovation, the company is committed to breaking through the technical bottleneck of drug R&D and production, building a whole industry chain from pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs to formulation, and providing green, low-cost, high-quality, and efficient pharmaceutical-related products and technical services for the worldwide partners.

R&D. As an innovation-driven company, Sinopep-Allsino constantly strengthens its capability of independent innovation. Every year, more than 10% if gross annual revenue was invested in R&D. There are three provincial-level R&D centers, namely, Sinopep Biology, Allsino and Simbospharm, and a R&D team with international technical level led by experts of national key talent and provincial talent plans. With more than 160 members, in wich 40 with master's degree or above, including 6 overseas returnees. The R&D center provides solid technical support for the business layout of the company's whole industry chain by integrating software and hardware conditions and realizing technology integration. In addition, Sinopep-Allsino has cooperated with Prof. Hartmut Michel, a German biochemist and Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, to set up a Nobel Prize workstation in accelerating the company's technological innovation. Sinopep-Allsino has 77 authorized patents, including 36 invention patents, and has established good cooperation with many universities and scientific research institutes.

Production. Sinopep-Allsino has established two modern production bases in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province and Jiande, Zhejiang Province, with the large-scale production capacity covering the two fields of peptides and small molecular chemicals, complying with international regulations and market standards, and covering the whole industrial chain of "advanced pharmaceutical intermediates-APIs-preparations". Hard capsules, tablets, freeze-dried powder injection, small volume injections and some APIs have passed the national GMP certification, and the quality system of peptide APIs has passed the US FDA's cGMP on-site inspection three times in 2014, 2016 and 2019. In the re-inspection in January 2019, Sinopep-Allsino successfully passed the "zero defect" ("NAI"), which laid a foundation for the company's products to enhance their competitiveness in the international market.

Marketing. Sinopep-Allsino adheres to the globle strategy, providing internationalized variety and business layout, talent team and production system construction, in order to improve the international competitiveness of the products and services. After years of development, the company has won the recognition of many world-renowned pharmaceutical enterprises by virtue of advanced R&D technology and high standard quality management system, and has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship.

In the future, Sinopep-Allsino will contitue to follow the innovation-driven development mode, improve technological innovation ability, and eventually become an internationally renowned biopharmaceutical company with the peptide innovative drugs as the main body, blockbuster generic drugs and technical services as two wings, and with a R&D/production capacity of the whole pharmaceutical industry chain.

Website: http://www.sinopep.cn/

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