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CDMO/CMO of small molecule chemical API and intermediates

The CDMO project of the company is led by Dr. Guoqiang Shi, a national high-level talent and a “thousand talents from Zhejiang Province”. After years of accumulation, the company has acquired various of high techniqueswhich enable it to undertake CDMO projects. The main techniques and capabilities are as follows:

  • Hydrogenation reaction: 300~6000 liters, 1~15 MPa.
  • Ammonia reaction: max 10,000 liters reactor, liquid ammonia storage license is issued.
  • Ultra-low temperature reaction: max below-80℃ reaction, continuously controlled below-60.
  • Highly active metal catalytic reaction.
  • Molecular distillation technology.
  • Chiral split technology.
  • Continuous-flow microchannel technology.
  • Safety control technology of ultra-high temperature reaction: up to 280℃.
  • Safety evaluating technology of chemical process: DSC, RC1,ARC facilities and technicians.

CDMO/CMO of peptide

Peptide R&D and production is led by Dr. Jianjun Jiang, a famous expert in the global peptide area. With the large-scale production capability of peptide drugs, Sinopep can fulfill various NCE peptide drug CDMO projects. The main techniques and capabilities are as follows:

  • Solid-phase reactor: capacity from 5L, 10L, 20L, 50L, 150L, 300L, 500L and 1000L. The company is one of the enterprises with the most complete sizes of solid phase peptide reactor in China, and can undertake CDMO/CMO projects of various peptide scale.
  • Cutting-edge purification equipment: Novasep 45cm, 20cm, 15cm.
  • Eight peptide manufacturing lines: batch size covering from 10g, 100g, 1 kg, 10kgs.
  • Full sequence solid phase synthesis technology: max 50 amino acid sequence, Purity≥99%.
  • Solid-solution phase combined synthesis technology: Side chain modification, glycosylation, esterification, methylation, phosphorylation, sulfated peptide synthesis technology. The conventional solid phase peptide synthesis combines with the solution phase small molecule synthesis so that technique has strong advantages in difficult sequence synthesis, racemization control and synthesis efficiency.
  • Synthesis of cyclic peptides and multiple cyclic peptides.
  • Special target peptide production technology: PDC (peptide drug conjugate), conjugate specific target peptides to therapeutic drugs.

Peptide drug

Solid-phase peptide synthesis reactor:5L, 10L, 50L, 150L, 300L, 500L, 1000L, max batch size is 15kg. Solution-phase synthesis reactor: 300L, 500L, max batch size is 5kg.
Purification facility: 20cm, 30cm, 45cm, max 1kg per single injection. QC facilities: HPLC with the brands of Waters, Agilent and Thermo Fisher Scientific, all experimental data is recorded.
Thermo Fisher Scientific: Vanquish UPLC and Q Exactive Orbitrak High-resolution MS is used for the structure confirmation and quantitative detection of polypeptides, proteins and small molecules drugs. Agilent ICP-MS: is used for elemental analysis and quantitative detection.
Thermo Fisher DIONEX ICS-600 Ion Chromatograph: is used to test negative ion and positive ion. Agilent GC-MS: is used to identify and quantitative detection of volatile ingredients.
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